stylerider:“This is a traditional outfit worn by Muslim…


“This is a traditional outfit worn by Muslim men.”
African Muslims?
“No. Muslims all over the world.”
Style Rider in TriBeCa

statebicycle:Just posted some of our @redhookcrit memories on…


Just posted some of our @redhookcrit memories on @statebicycleteam IG. We’ve been there sine #5. Check them out and FOLLOW @statebicycleteam this weekend!! #redhookcrit

nolifelikethislife:Send all the healing vibes, good vibes, and…


Send all the healing vibes, good vibes, and finals exams vibes to the amazing Jo Celso. Who fractured her pelvis in two places at this weekends Red Hook Crit during a crash/pile up. She came back to the race after getting out of the hospital, showed her support, and is now flying home to go straight back to school.
Jo is a real inspiration over here at No Life, with her outspoken honesty about everything from the bro-culture in bike racing, talking openly about things in cycling we should all be having open conversations about, to being verbal and honest about about pre-race anxiety and nervousness, a topic that most of us don’t even want to admit out loud our outside of close friends. Jo brings a level of humanity to the cycling culture that makes us wish there were way more people like her.
Heal up fast Jo!! (at Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn)